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Summer Program 2017

Programs set to teach youth Kung Fu under the guidelines of AAU Kung Fu Division, for State, Local, National, compeditions as was as Junior Olympic levels. We will be teaching Lion and Dragon Dancing along with open hand forms, weapon forms, Chinese wrestling, pushing hands, boxing. We stress alternatives...

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Styles Offered

The Kid didn’t do Karate

Here is where you can view what the kid really did! We have for kids, week long summer camps, after school pick up programs from Fern Bluff – Pasty Sommers – and Brushy Creek Elementary Schools, as well as our Monday-Wednesday Tuesday-Thursday drop off classes from 4-5 PM.

Shuai Chiao Kung Fu – Adult & Children’s Program

Shuai Chiao is the oldest known system of Chinese martial arts empirical evidence placing it over 3,000 years old with Chinese folk legend dating it 5,000 years old! It is also known as a complete system of Kung Fu offering Throws, Locks, Strikes, and Kicks. Its effectiveness is evidenced by being required training for police and military personnel yet today in China and Taiwan. It is also supports the cream of the Chinese San Shou “full contact” fighters in the world today.

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu – Adult & Children’s Program

This form of Kung Fu is one of the most widely practiced Chinese Martial Arts in the world. The Shaolin form’s builds both strength and endurance and is an excellent art to combine with our Shuai Chiao program. This link to traditional Chinese boxing builds the foundations needed to accomplish mental and physical task that can relate to activities outside of martial arts.

Tai Chi Chuan – Adult Only Program

The art of Tai Chi Chuan can be traced to being over 2,000 years old, however the forms practiced today have about a 400-year-old history. The values have remained constant throughout time with improved health, relaxation for the mind, and combat application through physics. The name (Tai Chi Chuan) means Grand Ultimate Fist, however to view it as a mere means of self defense would be to grossly under estimate its values. Today people worldwide are finding out what the Chinese have known since the Yellow Emperor’s Classic that a body in motion is healthier than one that sits. It was reasoned that water that sits stagnates; where as water that run is purer. This same reasoning was applied to ones health. The slow circular motions, after repetitive practice has been found to produce a calming state of mind, as the player is able to practice without having to think about what move is next. The increased oxygen to the lungs provides greater “Chi”, the life energy force that controls how much energy we have. Many people see remarkable changes in health through daily practice.