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Summer Program 2017

Programs set to teach youth Kung Fu under the guidelines of AAU Kung Fu Division, for State, Local, National, compeditions as was as Junior Olympic levels. We will be teaching Lion and Dragon Dancing along with open hand forms, weapon forms, Chinese wrestling, pushing hands, boxing. We stress alternatives...

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“My child has learned to become more self-reliant as a result of her participation in the classes Sifu Pickens teaches. Rather than look for help she loves to set example by trying.”

“Thanks Sifu for showing my son that there is a time and place for everything. He had been labeled as a trouble maker for his silliness, through practice of Kung Fu he is distinguishing the difference between play time and study time.”

“Classes at CTMA, has brought the culture of China to life for my son. He now looks forward to returning to his land of birth and experiencing many of the traditional values awaiting our vacation there.”

“The result of choices you make, are a key that Sifu uses when sighting examples of cause and affect to the kids in making wise decisions.”

“As a law enforcement officer I have gained a wealth of technical applications for apprehension of subjects that become physically violent. I wish this type of control was standard practice in our police academy like they are in Taiwan. These techniques are not only effective they bring the subject under control using the minimum amount of force in gaining control.”

Sifu Dave we can never thank you enough for the confidence you instilled in a frightened little first grade girl who has now finished high school at 14 and is off to college following a dream of dance in NYC.  She is fearless in her desire to conquere anything she sets her mind to.