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Tai Chi with Purpose. New classes now forming learn the Chinese art of Tai Chi designed for health, relaxation, gentle exercise, and awarness. This course meeting on Tuesdays, Thursdays from 7 – 7:45 PM and Saturday mornings from 8:30 – 9:15 AM. Come to any one or all of them. Cost $65/month....

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Summer Kung Fu Camp 2014 Daily Activity Outline

 The camp starts as soon as school is out and runs all summer. Except for the week of July21-25 when we will be at the AAU Junior Olympic is Des Monies Iowa. Daily we open at 7:30 AM the first hour is reading and quiet time with drawing and board or hand held games. At 9 AM we hike each day (we have a 15 passenger van) class size is limited to 12 students. Each day we drive down and hike the Brushy Creek Hike and Bike Trail around a mile to mile and a half each day. That is followed by some outdoor activity & playground time. At 10:30 AM we come back to the school for snack time which is followed by a 45 minute Kung Fu lesson.  At noon we have lunch (you provide your child’s lunch). We have a micro wave and a refrigerator so food can be heated and refrigerated. We also fast food it at Subway!

Afternoon is started with game time, and a 20 minute private Kung Fu lesson. The lesson are taught by myself I have over 30 years teaching experience teaching at college level, as well as police special units, and children community education programs in the RRISD. I am also the former National Chairman for the United States Amateur Athletic Union Kung Fu Division.  We have an afternoon outdoor period from with intermural games, challenges, and swimming and water sprinkler adventures.  We return to the school at 3:30 PM for an afternoon snack, followed by a cool down quite period. From 4 – 5 PM we have a second Kung Fu group lesson. From 5 – 6 PM we have video game time as pick up is done.

Friday is our big adventure day as we go bowling, or to the Inner Space Caverns, Bob Bullock Museum, Ausin Zoo, and a host of other big adventures all summer long. On that day we have you pack a picnic lunch or give your child money to buy their lunch.

Registration is $50 which includes their uniform and tee shirt, you can buy additional tee shirts for $8 each. We do ask they wear their tee shirt on swim day and adventure day. Weekly fee is $165. We limit our camp to 12 kids per week.

Any other questions you may have feel free to e-mail me at rrkungfu@hotmail.com or call me at 244-7410

Limited Spaces Avalible

Limited Spaces Avalible


Tai Chi

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Tai Chi with Purpose. New classes now forming learn the Chinese art of Tai Chi designed for health, relaxation, gentle exercise, and awarness. This course meeting on Tuesdays, Thursdays from 7 – 7:45 PM and Saturday mornings from 8:30 – 9:15 AM. Come to any one or all of them. Cost $65/month. Call 244-7410 for a free introductory lesson and details.

After School Pick Up 2014-2015

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After School Kung Fu has a few openings for 2014-2015

Pick up – Snack time – Kung Fu

Pick up on early release days

Day Camp on teacher work days

Pick from:

Brushy Creek – Pasty Sommers – Fern Bluff

Call 244-7410

Central Texas Martial Arts since 1974

What Students can Expect :

Our After School Pick up program has served this area for over 15 years. We work on learning to over come fears, gain confidence and learn methods for dealing with a range of youth problems ranging from bullies, to strangers and the development of “self disipline”!

After pick up and upon arrival you are provided a snack and you put your backpack in a storage container.

After snack we expect you to work on any homework you may have independently of any ones help.

Note if you are that exceptional student that gets all your homework done at school you will be expected to have a book to read, a journal to write in, or a sketch pad to draw on. This time will be quiet time and you are expected to observe this rule.

At 3:45 PM beginner students put up their boxes and begin Kung Fu Class from 4-4:45 PM.

Intermediates will be at their boxes at the end of the room and be expected to work quietly on any homework left to do, and read, sketch, or write.

Beginner’s class ends at 4:45. Intermediates put up their boxes and put out the beginners. Intermediates start their class at 5 PM.

Beginners will be at their boxes at the end of the room working on homework, and read, sketch, or write. They can be picked up at this time through 6 PM.

Intermediate class ends at 5:45 PM from that point all students wait quietly for pick-up.

6 PM starts Advanced Classes student waiting for pick up can talk quietly while waiting for pick up.

Program Particulars: Being that we are a Kung Fu school, we stress that respect, self–discipline, and honor are upheld and constantly the most important goals to achieve. We underline self-discipline because we place the responsibility for many things squarely on the students shoulders to accomplish and do not allow them to use mom or dad as an excuse for something not being done, so if they stress something that need to be done it’s them being responsible…but of course I am flexible I am just not allowing them to use you as an excuse. We stress life is about choices!

Fridays in the past has been a reward day or game day as we have dubbed it. The kids can bring their hand held games to play on that day and we offer several games and activities on that day. Pick up can be at any time on Fridays.

We pick up early of early release days and offer full day camps on teacher workdays you may have. That is included in your monthly tuition in exchange we charge the same flat fee of $165 per month even during the short week months of December, January, and March.

During those vacation weeks we off day camps at $165 per week, as well we offer Summertime Day Camps.

Promotions are an area that we use as an indicator of progress this year we will have two scheduled promotion ceremonies one at our Christmas show the other at the end of the year show. Other occasions for rank advancement will be on individual accomplishments of goals leading to rank advancement. Just as not all travelers arrive at a destination at the same time not all students advance in rank promotion at the same rate.

Feel free to contact me at any time concerning any issues you may have. I know not every child is going to become a martial artist, but I hope that through this experience they learn values that they can apply in their lifes. Sifu Dave